As a reputable online company, it is our sole responsibility to make our
clients/customers aware of our standard operating procedures, fair use of our products,
and how we do business to avoid severe consequences. There are two parties in this
disclaimer agreement: NursingPaperWizards – the service provider, which holds the first position,
and Customers/clients who seek for the services, who hold the second party.
NursingPaperWizards platform does not condone and will not be held liable to facilitating academic
dishonesty, such as: cheating, committing fraud, obtaining degrees and grades by false
We also do not promote corporate dishonesty by allowing corporate members to commit
fraud or conduct illegal activities knowingly.
Sometimes, we get the opportunity to work with experts from different fields. However,
we do not condone the use of our platform for illegal activities by the business reps.
Business representatives are also warned not to use our freelancers in committing
fraudulent activities.
No work shall begin on any order until full payment has been received and confirmed.
Fair Use Policy –Use of our Products
It is our stern stance that we DO NOT give our clients/customers/students the authority
and rights to reproduce any part or the entire product given to them either as their own
work or for credit. Our products are to be used for research purposes only, and should
be referenced when used in personal papers. Moreover, we hold no liability to any third
parties, if any of our clients/customers uses the products for the unintended purpose. If
that happens, we might take serious actions against the customer/client. We insist that
our samples must only be used as models for customers. Presenting them as your own
work could lead to academic consequences. Use our services responsibly.
We provide free samples in our blog posts section, should you use any of our free
essays, be sure to cite the respective blog posts to avoid copyright infringement or
DMCA takedown request on our behalf.
Accessibility of Our Service
Being an online platform, our system might not be perfect. As a result, there could be
defects. If that is the case, you can contact us through available channels. All the same,
our team puts unremitting efforts to assist you whenever you need help. However, we
are not responsible if our service is unavailable due to certain uncontrollable
We are also not responsible for any harm that may arise from using our website or due
to the unavailability of our service. In addition, all information on this website is based
solely on our opinions and views.
Client Instructions
The client is responsible for providing relevant details of an order and for responding to
writer requests for clarification and/or additional information. If such detail is not
provided and/or requests for clarification not answered, neither NursingPaperWizards nor the writer will
be held responsible. If a finished product does not meet the client requirements, and
those requirements were in the original order, free revisions will be made. If revision
requests deviate from the original order, a charge will occur.
Order Revisions
We have stated in the Terms and Conditions the limitations of our revisions. Correcting
errors or mistakes made by a writer are done free as long as the revision request is
made with reference to the original instructions provided when placing the order.
Plagiarism Policy
All the products on our websites are triple-scanned using online and in-house plagiarism
checkers before release to the customer. The Quality Assurance Department ensures
that all products are plagiarism-free. If you suspect a product has doubtable originality
and authenticity, raise the issue with the support for further assistance. Be sure to
provide the plagiarism report generated by either SafeAssign, PlagScan, or SafeAssign
to authenticate and verify your claims.
Disclaimer Links
The website might contain some links to other related sites; we are not accountable for
any information present there as well as for any transfer of information from those links.
Refund Policy
If NursingPaperWizards fails to deliver any of the core customer guarantees, the customer is covered by
our refund policy. There can either be a full or partial refund. Customers are eligible for
a refund if:
  There is delay on order submission;
  Poor quality writing or plagiarized work
Delays could be due to additional information, which the client must provide in time. It
could also be due to editing request by the customer, in case they pay premium. In
addition, delays can be caused by unforeseeable personal emergencies that the writer
cannot control such as accidents, fire, or computer theft/breakdown/virus attack.
Refunds can also be made due to cancellations, but are guided by the above stated
order cancellation policy and the terms and conditions.
When requesting for a refund, provide the order number, your name and email address,
and the reasons for the refunds. Our QAD and Billing department will take it from there
and get back to you in 5-7 working days.
Order Cancellation Policy
If you must cancel your order, please do it as quickly as possible, at least under 6
hours. Once a writer is assigned, they begin working immediately. If we receive notice
of cancellation before any work is done, you will get a full refund. If any research or
writing has started, your refund will be pro-rated. The exact amount of the refund will
depend on how much work was completed. We must do this so that we can
compensate the writer and any other staff member who has worked on your project. If
you would like, refunds can be held as credits for future orders.
Academic Level Information
Please provide us with accurate information about your grade level. We assign different
writers and use different resource materials for students in different grades. Please do
not inflate your academic level in an attempt to get a more advanced paper. You will
very likely provoke suspicion in your instructor. You will also pay more. If we have to
assign a new writer or restart a project because the grade level was incorrect, extra
charges might be accrued.
Writer's Level
Customer is responsible to identify the correct writer's level at the time of order
placement. Failure to correct an error in writer level designation may result in increased
Editing & Proofreading
The purpose of this service is to check the paper you sent to us for plagiarism or
grammatical errors such as those in punctuation, spellings or sentence structure. It does
not mean that you would get entirely different content written from scratch.
Contact Information
It is the client's responsibility to provide accurate and current contact information to
NursingPaperWizards . The company bears no responsibility for late or undelivered work that is a
result of incorrect contact information.
Resource Materials
When researching and writing your orders, our (NursingPaperWizards ) writers will always use the
most relevant and appropriate resource material. However, any assigned writer will be
happy to use specific resources that a student request. In these instances, when the
resource is not available to the writer, the customer will be asked to provide that
resource. Resources are easily uploaded through the client's account page, and it is
imperative that they be provided as quickly as possible. Failure to provide required
resources may delay completion and NursingPaperWizards cannot be held liable for tardiness of a work
due to late resource provision.
These are our honor codes and SOPs; you should abide by them, as they are a
disclaimer to using our services!